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Moral of the Movie - Review

Locked Down (2021)

Drama/Heist, Directed by Doug Liman | Rating: Left Swipe | Published: Sept. 2, 2022, 11:56 a.m.


The lockdowns and quarantines caused by COVID-19 directly led to a lot of introspective reflections of our own lives, relationships, and careers. As a result, it is from these moments that we should take a step back to reconsider what we are doing and why we do them in order to ensure that we make the most of our lives.


If you’re looking for an Ocean’s Eleven (2001) type of heist movie then this will be very underwhelming for you. However, if you’re looking for a slow-burn grounded take on quarantine life with a little heist flair instead, then you can definitely make the most out of Locked Down (2021) and have an enjoyable time with it.


Ladies and gentlemen... we have finally reached our first-ever Left Swipe! Unfortunately for Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, American Made, etc.) and company... also, unfortunately for those of us who had to sit through the movie. I actually watched it with someone who fell asleep while watching it. Usually, if I’m watching a good movie with someone and they fall asleep, I wake them up so that they don’t miss the movie. Not this time. I actually kinda envied the ability to fall asleep and miss this movie. That’s a bit harsh because a lot of the people that made this movie genuinely tried their best, but it simply didn’t work for me. For the most part, I don’t think it would work for most mainstream audiences or artsy audiences either. The premise makes it seem like it’s for mainstream audiences since it has the heist element and the “Will they? Won’t they?” of the semi-romantic relationship that’s falling apart, but then the execution of it is like something out of an off-Broadway play with never-ending monologues and pretentious self-reflection. The movie seems like it was made out of boredom for many of its high-profile stars and in an attempt to capitalize on the relevance of quarantines, national lockdowns, and COVID-19. Like in real-life, the quarantine depicted in this movie is a lot of waiting around, zoom meetings, and introspective thinking, which doesn’t make for much of an entertaining cinematic experience. For me, the movie was most entertaining once the heist subplot developed. Yet, all of the waiting was truly NOT worth it and I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, which is why it merits the first-ever Left Swipe (you know, like in Tinder).

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